Powerbuilder meets .NET

BACKGROUND: I was introduced to object oriented development back in fall of 1992 when I started developing Windows applications with a product called Powerbuilder. Powerbuilder was created and developed by a company called Powersoft. It was cludgey at best in its 2.0 release, but it had an obviously huge potential for 4GL RAD object-oriented database programming. Especially with its unparalelled Datawindow component for easily creating data-entry screens and reports. Powerbuilder peaked in its 5.0/6.0 versions, right around the same time Windows desktop stabilized and Windows NT server was introduced. Sybase later bought out Powersoft. Marketing slowed and Powerbuilder marketshare has even more rapidly declined since the introduction of Microsoft’s .NET technology.

NOW: Sybase has taken the best part of Powerbuilder – the DataWindow – and delivered it to the .Net environment. It is very early yet (1.5 is now in Beta), but already I can see this is something to keep an eye on. If the full functionality of the Datawindow can be delivered with tight integration into the .Net framework, this could be HUGE!

Check out Sybase.Com for more information and a free evaluation kit.

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