Designed my “Money is no object” Auto Soundsystem

Ok – I’ve learned to dream big. Need proof? Here it is:

– 5 full-range Kicker 175-watt SSMB8+SS30 speakers at Front R/L & Rear R/L (paired to two Kicker KX350.4 bridged amplifiers) & at Front Center (Kicker KX150.2 bridged amplifier)

– 1 750-watt Kicker VS12L7 Box subwoofer driven by a Kicker KX805.2 bridged amplifier

Panasonic CQ-VD7700U in-dash 7" Widescreen DVD/GPS receiver supporting full 5.1 Dolby, DTS and DVD-Audio decoding

Total price not including shipping/installation: approximately $4,300!! Needless to say, this is gonna stay a dream for a good long time. And I’ll have to upgrade the dream at several points I’m sure!

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