JD Powers 2005 – best to worst autos insignificant

According to a closely watched survey of 2005 models released Wednesday by research firm J.D. Power and Associates, owners reported between .54 problems per vehicle on the low end and 1.51 per
vehicle at the high end. The industry average is 1.18 problems per vehicle. This is a phenomenal record for ALL automakers! Kudos to the modern automotive engineers!

Suzuki Motor Corp. had the poorest showing (although STILL a very good record) while General Motors Corp and Toyota had the best record.

In any event, the incident rates are so minuscule across the entire industry, and with GM showing so well, it makes you wonder how so many still "just know imports are so much better" and "you’re silly to buy American". Huh?! Perhaps THEY are just plain silly – certainly un-informed to say the very least.

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