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A little something to thwart annoying REGISTER FOR FREE websites!

A cool innovation called BugMeNot. You can just browse to their website at BugMeNot.Com, or you can even get their Firefox/Mozilla browser extension which will do it for you automagically! The net is goooood!!

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Installed a new 16X DVD burner!

I recently bought the new Plextor 16x Serial ATA (SATA) DVD burner – PX-716SA with the following specs: WRITE Speeds: DVD+R 16X DVD+RW 8X DVD-R 16X DVD-RW 4X CD-R 48X CD-RW 24X DVD+R Dual Layer 6X READ Speeds: DVD-ROM 16X … Continue reading

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Black by popular demand!

Their brilliance knows no bounds. I truly admire these people! Walter E. Williams Distinguished Professor of Economics Hoover Institution National Fellow George Mason University Thomas Sowell Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow The Hoover Institution Stanford University Supreme Court Justice … Continue reading

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Some things I’m looking forward to

Some things I’m looking forward to: The July 16th 2005 release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Book 6) The August 5th 2005 release of The Dukes of Hazzard movie in theaters The October 18th 2005 release of … Continue reading

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