Lack of recent updates

Been rather busy of late. Vacation, PC failure and fall practices starting again – just to name a few reasons.

Vacation at the beach this year was one of the best in a long time.

My PC died from an apparent motherboard/memory issue. Possibly a lightning strike coming thru an unprotected coax cable. We’ll see how quick Alienware addresses it – they took delivery at 9:40 this morning.

I’m taking the occasion of my PC being out to replace the Plextor PX-716SA 16x DVD burner. I was not feeling like it was worth the high price tag for the SATA drive, and my PC/software didn’t seem too keen on it either despite upgrading the firmware and all. I sold it on EBay for pretty much what I had paid. I am replacing it with another NEC burner at 16x (ND-3540a). I already own an ND-1300a (4x) and two ND-2510a (8x) which have been working wonderfully and are the least expensive drives out there, so I expect the 16x will be no less impressive. I’m also going to add another 120 gigs of SATA Hard Drive storage. I may even explore setting up a "data-security" RAID since it will be the same exact drive as the one I already have.

Fall football practice has begun. This looks to be another exciting season!

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