Jimmy Massey – Iraq’s John Kerry? Liars getting another free pass?

It appears we have a modern incantation of Vietnam’s lying John Kerry in Jim Massey – the Iraq war Marine turned Traitor.

This time, even as universities are falling over themselves to hear Massey’s anti-America fiction they crave so much, some newspapers are doing the proper thing and exposing Massey’s lies and the utter ineptitude of those branches of the biased press who blindly and willingly echo them.

A Marine Staff Sergeant sent home from Iraq in 2003 for psychological reasons has spent the past two years telling Kerry-like stories about his fellow Marines, saying they were ordered to shoot civilian women and children and describing the actions of American troops as "genocide." Massey’s claims were reported by the AP, Vanity Fair and USA Today, not to mention Al Jazeera.

Massey’s war crime stories, like so many told over the years by anti-American propagandists, were lies. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently published two articles that completely debunk his claims. Read more about Massey and the news outlets that repeated his slander here (and THANK YOU ST. LOUIS DISPATCH for being an honest journal of record!):

Jim Massey – Documented Liar
Anti-America Biased Press Gets Caught "Red Handed"

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