HD TVs, HD-DVD Players and HD-DVD Video

Ok – this is turning out to be one of the most exciting times for HD enthusiasts.

Samsung has released a GREAT plasma HD TV in 42" or 50" form. It sports some GREAT features, and can be had for $3,000 or LESS!!
– Built in turers for Cable and over-the-air HD broadcasts
– Cable-Card feature
– Picture-In-Picture w/split-screen feature
– HDMI input
– Contrast Ratio is an incredible 10000:1
– Brightness is a nice 1300 cd/m2
Samsung HP-R4272 $2,385 shipped: Click Here!
Samsung HP-R5072 $3,300 shipped: Click Here!

DVD Players:
– Toshiba’s HDA1/HD-A1 and HD-XA1 remain the only TRUE HD-DVD players available to my knowledge. Expect to pay $500 for one of these units.
– In the meantime, Toshiba’s SD-6980 DVD Player plays everything you can throw at it INCLUDING DVD-Audio and SACD! It also does HD up-conversion for a nice HD-Like picture on your HDMI connected HD TV. Then throw in the fact it has a 9-in-2 card-reader and you have one awesome and affordable ($150) high-end DVD player!

DVD Videos:
Announced to be coming out this year on HD-DVD is
– The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
– Peter Jackson’s King Kong
– Mission: Impossible

Couple this with the news that there may be a wireless gigabit connectivity solution for connecting your video hardware to an HD TV/monitor, and things are getting TRULY exciting!

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