Four months after its release, the XBOX 360 has been officially hacked, with video proof to boot.

Before all you cheap-arse leaches get excited, it has not been released into the wild (and will never be released from the team that actually achieved it)). But if you are good at assembly language, own your own eeprom reader, aren’t afraid of opening your XBOX 360 and desoldering a chip from its DVD drive, and you are so inclined you can figure it out on your own from the details they have released on this specific feat.

A hacker known as ‘TheSpecialist’ (and his team) was working on a modified firmware for the Xbox 360. He already managed to make one for the original XBox a short time ago, and he announced this method was highly possible for the XBOX 360 as well. From TheSpecialist on
— begin quote —
"Months of hard work have come to an end. The 360 FW security details were posted a few days ago already, so why not make it official πŸ™‚ It’s been done."

"Respect to all the people on this board who made it possible with their brilliant contributions:
Anita999, Geremia, Nayr, Bluecop, Interestedhacker, MacDennis, Phantasm, Marvin, Tiros, SpenzerX, Team Modfreakz, Fuzzylogic, Takires, loser, jasper, SMO, Groepaz, Zobyone, Jumba, Amadeus, Tser, DjHuevo, oz_paulb, DaveX, darkfly, evestu, Robinsod, Dark_Neo, Gael360, Seventhson, probutus."

"Just for fun, here’s a little video:"

"And no, the team decided not to release a hacked FW. The security details are proof itself. The team advocates hacking, not piracy."
— end quote —

As I cannot post the videos, I’ve provided some screen captures instead.(see end of post)

More Details (from
— begin quote —
"The hack is a modified firmware of the Xbox 360 Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L DVD-ROM drive (the security in the Toshiba/Samsung TS-H943 is said to be similar, so it’s probably also possible with this drive … but it does require it’s own hacked firmware of course)."

"As you (should) know, all Xbox 360 executables (XEX files) are signed by Microsoft (with a private key only MS has). This means that if you try to change anything to the XEX file, the signature will be wrong and the file will not boot."

Now … to protect from booting an exact copy of a game from a DVD-R or other recordable media, microsoft gave each XEX file a ‘mediaflag’. This mediaflag tells the Xbox 360 from which media (cd-r, dvd-r, dvd+r, dvd-rw, hdd, dvdxbox, dvdxbox360, …) the XEX is allowed to boot. Changing this mediaflag in the XEX header is not an option as it’ll break the signature of the file (see above), so … what’s done in this firmware hack is ‘break’ the detection of the disc."

"Retail games usually get a mediaflag where they only allow ‘dvdxbox360’ (Xbox 360 discs – different than a normal DVD because it has some specific bad sectors and special info in lead-in/out that can’t be written with a standard dvd burner). The modified firmware will trick the DVD drive into reporting a DVD-R (or other) as a DVDXBOX360 to the Xbox 360."
— end quote —

I suspect it won’t be long before this gets leaked to the community anyway. The old XBox scene faithfuls like Xenium and Xecuter will be able to figure this out based upon the technical info that was given. Then all you cheap arse leeches can totally bugger the industry! πŸ˜‰

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