McKinney Bobs and Weaves as Grand Jury Convenes

Looks like McKinney is losing a lot of her former Democrat allies as she continues her failure to take responsibility for her blatant disregard for rules and decency. She has made some outrageous statements in recent times, and has just now made some more outrageous claims, digging herself an even deeper hole that will be VERY hard to climb out of.

McKinney recently changed her trademark hairstyle from two tight french braids to looser curls that surround her face. Despite this, and despite the fact SHE ALREADY KNOWS NOT WEARING THE REQUIRED PIN MEANS SHE MUST GO THROUGH SECURITY CHECKS, McKinney told FOX News "What I would say, however, is that (this is) much ado about a hairdo," saying that the officer should be able to recognize every congressional member. Bear in mind that Capitol Police Officers are required to screen approximately 30,000 people entering the building each day.

More from Fox News:

Outgoing U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrence Gainer said he thinks prosecutors should bring a case against McKinney. Gainer told FOX News on Wednesday that he doesn’t think the police officer’s decision to stop the congresswoman was an incident of racial profiling as McKinney claims.

"I’m troubled by all the economics going into this, and the U.S. Attorney’s office here has a lot of other crimes to look at … But on the other hand, the member’s not acknowledging at all that what she did was incorrect and now she’s putting up the smoke and mirrors that we’re racist and it was done because she’s black, that’s wrong," Gainer said.

Gainer rejected the idea that the incident is one of racial profiling. He said the police had all they need to actually arrest McKinney last Wednesday at the time of the incident, but police instead passed the information to the U.S. attorney’s office so they could look at the evidence and build a case.

McKinney has won little support among her fellow Democrats in the feud. In a press conference last week she was joined by no House members. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Tuesday she can’t think of a set of circumstances that would justify striking an officer. McKinney denied that she and Pelosi are not on speaking terms, and avoided naming elected officials who have offered her support.

McKinney – your pompous big rear end is heading for jail. You need to get over yourself.

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