Snape is GOOD – revisited

More evidence –

  • Snape took memories out of his head before teaching Occlumencey to Harry. These were things Snape wanted to hide from Harry. None of these memories were of Snape telling Lord Voldemort secrets about the Order Of The Phoenix. You would think that, if Snape were BAD, he’d want to hide these memories FAR more than some silly school incidents!
  • Snape, in describing Occlumencey to Harry, described how VERY FEW CAN HIDE THEIR THOUGHTS AND LIES FROM THE DARK LORD. He seemed to be bragging that HE is one of those few who can do it. Obviously, he IS doing this on behalf of The Order.

I’m becoming more convinced every day…

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2 Responses to Snape is GOOD – revisited

  1. Lep says:


    My name is Jillian, and I’m in the process of starting up a site called
    . I hope to grow it into a mini community for all the HP fans who trust Snape, for whatever the reason.

    I was reading your essay you wrote here on the reason you trust Snape, and I was wondering if I would be able
    to include it in our ‘Why Trust’ section. (Keep in mind there’s nothing
    much at the site yet, I just started it up last weekend! I’ve been
    steadily working on it though. =) I will, of course, give you full
    credit and a link to your site within the article.

    If you would rather not have me display your article at your
    site, perhaps we could have a little link exchange? I will link to your
    article via our ‘Links’ page, and you may to the same for our site.

    Tell me what you think and let me know! Hope to hear back from you. =)
    My email is flammula ( AT ) gmail (DOT) com

    – Jillian S.

  2. Lep says:

    Whoops, meant to post this on this page:!16E3A4FDAE64AE0E!339.entryBut I would love to include the snippet from here too. Let me know!

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