The Smartest woman in the world?! OMFG…

Hillary Clinton, often lauded as a BRILLIANT modern woman, has recently shown her true ignorance yet again with a wacko statement only eclipsed by those of the recent cop-punching Cynthia "Black Woman" McKinney.

What’s Hillary’s most recent idiocy? She claims President Bush caused the Hurricane which hit New Orleans! Yes – you heard it right! President Bush conjured up a Hurricane! ""In the last five years, the Bush administration has left no major environmental law untouched in their push to deregulate, undermining or rolling back decades of regulations put in place to protect our heath. The results are all around us," she says, citing "more greenhouse gases, global warming, rising seas, more violent storms like Katrina."

Using her logic, I guess we can blame her and President Clinton for rapes, poverty and terrorism? Oh, and we can blame Hillary for the decline of REAL moms who bake their children home-made cookies. Biatch!

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