Stryper – Rediscover this awesome band!

I saw a few music videos on MTV back in the day by this band STRYPER led by a great guy named Michael Sweet, and thought these guys were some pretty original and awesome rockers. The songs I remember are "Calling On You" and "Always There For You", both of which are GREAT tunes.

Well, I happened to find a CD release of theirs called Stryper – 7 (Seven) which is Stryper’s Greatest Hits CD, and picked it up. Let me tell you, this is one AWESOME CD!

If you remember Stryper, or just like a good mix of anthem rock and ballads, get this CD and give it a try! I did, and I’m loving it! My favorite new songs are "Believe", "Honestly", "All For One" and "The Way" (really crank up the latter two!). + ┼ +


A STRYPER DVD is becoming available ONLY FROM Stryper.Com!
Greatest Hits Live in Puerto Rico DVD

This DVD is only available through Stryper.Com. It will not be sold in stores! All orders placed BEFORE August 21 will receive a free "Live in Puerto Rico" T-shirt!

At long last, Stryper live in concert is available on DVD! Filmed in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2004, this video captures the band rockin’ 14 of their biggest hits.

1. Sing Along Song
2. Makes Me Wanna Sing
3. Calling On You
4. Free
5. More Than a Man
6. Caught in the Middle
7. You Won’t Be Lonely
8. Reach Out
9. Loud and Clear
10. The Way
11. Soldiers Under Command
12. To Hell With the Devil
13. Honestly
14. Winter Wonderland

Running Time: approx. 100 minutes. Starring: Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, Tim Gaines, and Brent Jeffers.

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