Saving you some grief, and saving you $$

Well, FIRSTLY, I recently decided to try the Online Banking Bill Pay feature for the first time. It was not as good of an experience as I had hoped. The disclaimer online immediately said there could be a 3-4 day lag in the payee receiving the money. I needed it to be 3 days in order to avoid a late fee. OF COURSE it took the 4 days instead. I called up my credit card company (the payee) and asked if they would waive the late fee, considering I had NEVER been late before, and was trying out online bill pay for the first time and missed by 1 lousy day. I’m also a long time customer in good standing. They kindly did waive the $40 fee – THANK YOU CITI!! SECONDLY – I received my Home Equity Line Of Credit statement and saw that the rate was going UP UP UP! To the tune of 11.25%!! I called my HELOC holder and asked them if there was anything they could do about that rate, because my Credit Union also offered a HELOC at prime + .25, which would have put me at 8.5%. They said they would match it, and did so right there on the phone. It cost a measly $400 in closing costs, but the Credit Union would have cost more like $2,000 in closing costs. Lesson learned – don’t count out the possibility that your lenders will work with you on your rates and fees. Often the prospect of losing a good customer is enough to spur them into action to keep you!
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