For every taller wall, there is a higher ladder!

PC game copy protections have been getting defeated as far back as I can remember, starting with Sierra Games’ sector protection of their floppy diskette releases of games like Leisure Suit Larry and King’s Quest. A friend of mine spent about 20 minutes working it out in the computer lab at college where I worked as an assistant. Then, about seven years ago, DVDs were hacked & cracked with the release of a program called DeCSS. Next falls the Windows Media Digital Rights Management when Beale Screamer released FreeME earlier this year. Now, Jon "DVD" Johansen, who originally cracked the DVD by writing DeCSS, says he has also cracked Apple’s ITunes Digital Rights Management Copy Protection. Of course, we all knew this was bound to happen. Nice work, gentlemen!! Who the #$%& are they to tell people they can’t play the music THEY PAID FOR on any other devices?! So flippin’ stupid!! Long live the HACKERS!
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