Harry Potter Book Seven (7), Questions To Be Answered

(1) What of Percy, is he friend (undercover) or foe? (2) What of the remaining Horcruxes – the Hufflepuff Cup, Merope’s Locket (already destroyed by Regulus Arcturus Black?), something from Ravenclaw/Gryffindor, and ?Nagini? (3) What happens to Hogwarts – closes or remains open w/McGonagall as headmistress? (4) Is Snape good or bad? (5) Will Fleur and Bill’s marriage party happen? (6) Will Lupin & Nymphadora marry? (7) What becomes of Draco Malfoy? (8) What role will Hagrid, Grawp and Olymp play? (9) What of Ginny & Harry and Ron & Hermione and their relationships? (10) Will Harry and Voldemort face off, and will Neville be the one to kill Voldemort? (11) What of the part in Goblet Of Fire, when Dumbledore and others from the Order learns that Voldemort used Harry’s blood to regenerate his body – they gave each other a "look of Triumph"? (12) What will happen in Godric’s Hollow? (13) Will Neville and Luna get together? (14) What becomes of 12 Grimmauld Place? (15) Will Pettigrew help out Harry as part of the "debt" of Harry letting Pettigrew live when first caught in the Shrieking Shack? (16) What of the new Minister of Magic – Rufus Scrimjaw? (17) Fred & George? (18) Will Lucius Malfoy, Mundungus Fletcher and Stan Shunpike remain in Azkaban? (19) Will Dumbledore’s brother, the Hog’s Head barman, play a more prominent role? (20) Which two will die, as now has been stateed by JK Rowling? (21) Will the house elves have any further role? (22) What role will Alistor Moody play? (23) Will Neville’s parents ever recover? (24) What will become of those who had gone missing from Diagon Alley – Mr. Ollivander, the Ice Cream shoppe man, etc?
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