Charlotte/North Carolina police ENCOURAGE law-breaking – eye witness!

I was traveling through Charlotte, NC this morning on I-77 South at 6:50am when I saw the most APPALING thing – a Police Officer in an unmarked blue Chevy Impala PROVOKING commuters into breaking the law!! Call me crazy, but I assumed ALL Police Officers would naturally be more interested in DISCOURAGING law breaking, but not this police officer! You won’t believe what I SAW HIM doing! He was intentionally impeding traffic in the fast lane – a CHARLOTTE fast lane during RUSH HOUR which has an empty HOV lane to the left of it. Most people were naturally passing him on the right when they could (proof he wasn’t upholding ALL laws because I’m sure those who passed him on the right were exceeding 55mph), but this stretch of highway bottlenecks badly in the right lanes here due to a major on/off ramp for two major highway intersections (I77 & I85) coupled with an offramp for Charlotte’s inner loop highway (I277). I saw a near miss incident when two people were vying for the same gap in the lane to our right as someone attempted to get out of the traffic jam the officer was causing. This officer shamelessly knows that SOMEBODY is going to lose their temper and borrow the HOV lane to get around this rude impeding driver, little knowing it is a Police Officer. Sure enough, after much complaining and cursing myself (I was 2 cars behind waiting for the opportunity to go around on the right), I witness someone apparently taking the bait and borrowing the HOV lane to go around, and this sorry excuse for a Policeman actually pulls him over (light brown Dodge truck). REALIZE THIS – from the NCDOT website: "Violators of HOV regulations are subject to a $200 penalty — a $100 fine and an additional $100 in court costs — and will receive two points against their driver’s license for each HOV violation." Is this REALLY what Police Officers should be doing – provoking someone, who otherwise would have NO DESIRE OR NEED to do this, into a major penalty?! I don’t think so. This officer is rude, a disgrace to the uniform, and needs to be removed from the force. We don’t need Police Officers disrupting rush hour traffic to provoke already frustrated commuters into law-breaking (even something as harmless as using the HOV lane for two seconds) just to get hit with such a SEVERE and UNDESERVED penalty! This person who was pulled over probably has children he’s trying to raise too, and those kids are being robbed of money from their family’s budget because of this disgrace of a Police Officer. Totally rude and totally uncalled for! Same on you Charlotte, if this is how you treat your citizens!
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