Review – The new James Bond film Casino Royale

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say a strong 9. Only negatives, which is a strong word for it, is 1) length of the movie (not sure it could really be shortened for the story line tho), 2) a little difficult to keep all the threads together at times (but this could just be me) and 3) No Q branch or Miss MoneyPenny. I give the action scenes a solid 10 because these were frankly the best action sequences I’ve seen in quite a LONG time! My favorite action scene is the opening chase of a bomb maker who ends up going through countless obstacles and finally ending up in an Embassy courtyard. Bond ends it with his usual cool. This scene is phenomenal! The Bond girl this go round is a very pretty gal, but I think she will be seen as a little on the weak side when compared to the historic bond babes. Bond himself, Daniel Craig, I think handled the role VERY well, although I’m not sure what the female perspective will ultimately be. He certainly seems to be a lady’s man – he’s fit enough, and is dutifully preserving the Bond "Cool" with his abilities in the arena of female courtship, excellent card-playing, destruction, nemisis irritation and the like. In this particular film, I loved Bond’s demonstration of his Valet skills, his ability to get under the skin of his enemy despite having been captured, his awesome ability to still win all despite a few serious stumbles at the card table, and of course his inate ability to irritate his superiors without losing their respect. Last minor critique can also be seen as a positive. The movie doesn’t truly close, or end. It leaves the blatent sign that another film is yet to come. I’m sure it simply won’t be soon enough. I’d like to see it happen this summer! What do you think the odds are? I suspect they are odds even Bond wouldn’t go all-in on…
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