Family Force 5 – AWESOME music!

I haven’t enjoyed an ENTIRE CD in a long time. But recently, I was introduced to a band I absolutely LOVE! The band goes by the name of FAMILY FORCE 5, and is made up of 5 guys from Marietta Georgia, three of whom are brothers and two more are friends. The CD is titled BUSINESS IN THE FRONT/PARTY IN THE REAR and it is a party-lovers dream. It is a really strange blend of Rock, Alternative and Funk with lyrics that just lift me up with its lightheartedness and all around fun. I really like that it is NOT jumping on the Parental Warning bandwagon – you can listen to this anytime and anywhere, and I DO. I truly love this WHOLE CD, but my favorites are Supersonic, Earthquake and Drama Queen. GET THIS CD! GET IT NOW! $12 shipped from http://ModernRock.Com. They also have one of the most awesome websites I’ve ever seen – visit I really love the retro stuff – full games of Space Invaders and all kinds of other stuff! FAMILY FORCE 5 – THE NEW FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!!
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