HD-DVD AACS DRM Cracked? (from XBox-Scene.Com)


>> From engadget.com:
Can it be? Is Hollywood’s new DRM posterchild AACS (Advanced Access Content System, see more here) actually quite breakable? According to a post on our favoritest of forums (Doom9) by DRM hacker du jour muslix64, his new BackupHDDVD tool decrypts and dismantles AACS on a Windows PC. Just feed the small utility a crypto key [none released with application, more about it in FAQ], and it’ll dump the video right off the disc onto your hard drive, supposedly playable in any HD DVD compatible player. If true, this would instantly become the DeCSS of high def optical, as AACS is the copy protection scheme used not only by HD DVD, but by Blu-ray as well.


Full Story: engadget.com and forum.doom9.org
Download: n/a (probably illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
You can read the FAQ released with the application here

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