Even Worse News For HD/Blu-ray Digital Copy Protection

I was perusing the Doom9 forums recently, as I am oft to do, and I happened across a bit of significant news.

HISTORY: Two months ago, a program was posted up on the internet which allowed decryption of a HD/Blu-ray DVD. This was prompted after somebody discovered how to extract the HD/Blu-ray "volume keys" to decrypt AACS
DRM on individual films. Apparently this was learned from the early release of POWERDVD software in Japan, and the application exposed some critical processes. This meant that, if you had the volume keys for a DVD (and they have plenty now), you could decrypt the entire film.

NOW: Apparently another individual, arnezami, has found the actual "processing key" used to decrypt the DRM on all
HD/Blu-ray DVD films. No longer do you require individual keys for each film as the processing key can be used to
unlock, decrypt, and backup every film you can get your grubby little hands on!

A bad day for HD/Blu-ray indeed….

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