Over Twelve Weeks To Receive A Rebate Check?!

Parago.Com (a.k.a. RebatesHQ.Com) is a frequently used REBATE resource for retailers and manufacturers alike.

My most recent experience with them has been for two NewEgg.Com and Verbatim cooperative rebates on the Verbatim 100pk 16x DVD-R spindle.

My rebate was received by Parago.Com last year on DECEMBER 6, 2006.  As of today, February 25, 2006, my rebate status STILL shows as "awaiting final processing".. This is now three months – nearly TWELVE WEEKS WITHOUT CUTTING A CHECK!  Talk about DRAGGING something out!

This reinforces the golden rebate rule in considering rebates.  Basically the rule says DON’T consider rebates at all because they are a gamble at best.  If the product is not already the BEST DEAL AVAILABLE EVEN WITHOUT THE REBATE THEN DON’T BUY IT!

Fortunately, this was the case with my NewEgg.Com purchase.  It was already the best deal around even without the rebate.  Nonetheless, this ungodly long rebate process is still quite illuminating on just how crummy the rebate process has become.

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