This Week’s “WTF?!” Moment…

This week’s "What The F^&*?!" award (and probably many others in the future) goes to that brainless San Francisco oaf of a politician Nancy Pelosi.

What Did Pelosi Do?

Either out of
malice or world-class stupidity (I personally supsect BOTH), she not only trashed her own country
but — our staunchest ally in the Middle East — Israel as well.

visited Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert; then followed with an UNAUTHORIZED AND ILL ADVISED stop at the TERRORIST SPONSORING country of Syria,
where she immediately told Assad she was bringing a message from Olmert that Israel was
ready to engage in peace talks. It was an outright LIE!

What possessed her to do and say this? Did she expect to see the clouds part
over the Middle East… sunshine cascade down on Muslim and Jew
alike… the warring sides begin hug each other on the Golan Heights
and in the streets of Jerusalem singing Kum-Ba-Yah?  Makes me laugh to think about it, just like that idiotic "Coexist" bumper sticker I see every morning I come into work…there’s some world-changing material for you!

The Jerusalem Post immediately published Olmert’s terse denial that he ever said such a ridiculous thing:

According to the statement, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert emphasized in his meeting with Pelosi that "although
Israel is interested in peace with Syria, that country continues to be
part of the Axis of Evil and a force that encourages terror in the
entire Middle East."

Olmert, the statement clarified, told Pelosi that Syria’s sincerity
about a genuine peace with Israel would be judged by its willingness to
its support of terror, cease its sponsoring of the Hamas and Islamic
Jihad organizations, refrain from providing weapons to Hizbullah and
bringing about the destabilizing of Lebanon, cease its support of
terror in Iraq, and relinquish the strategic ties it is building with
the extremist regime in Iran."

Pelosi is guilty of FAR worse than simply misrepresenting Olmert’s words to Israel’s enemies.
Robert Turner wrote the following assessment in the Wall Street Journal:

Pelosi’s trip was not authorized, and Syria is one of the world’s
leading sponsors of international terrorism. It has almost certainly
been involved in numerous attacks that have claimed the lives of
American military personnel from Beirut to Baghdad.

"The U.S. is in the midst of two wars authorized by Congress. For Ms.
Pelosi to flout the Constitution in these circumstances is not only
shortsighted; it may well be a felony, as the Logan Act has been part
of our criminal law for more than two centuries. Perhaps it is time to
enforce the law."

And Jim Phillips, a research fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, added this:

visit is likely to undermine the Bush administration’s foreign policy
and help the Syrians go back to business as usual – much to the dismay
of our Lebanese, Iraqi, and Israeli friends, all of whom want the
United States to take a tougher stand against Syria."

Even political allies of Pelosi can’t defend her actions, when the Washington Post (a pro-Democrat and anti-Bush newspaper) contained a stinging editorial calling Pelosi’s Syria trip "foolish" and an "attempt by a Democratic congressional leader to substitute her own foreign policy for that of a sitting Republican president."And then, as if to just "flip the bird" one more time at all of America, Pelosi refused a public invitation from the White House to meet with President Bush and discuss Iraq war policy. 

Perhaps if Bush were to pick up a pro-terrorist stance Pelosi would change her mind?  WTF!!!

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