Mega-Concert Last Evening

I saw last night what has GOT to be one of the best concerts I’ve seen in ages.
Paramount’s Carowinds hosted Son-Fest last night, and I attended it with my buds Matt, Morgan and Danielle.
Opening the show was an unsigned band I never heard of called 7-mile, and they were FANTASTIC! Their sound setup had the guitars and drums rather pumped up and it sounded really good if not a bit loud.
We got their signatures later on and I will DEFINITELY be getting their CD "Roads Traveled".
These guys won’t remain unsigned very long!

Next was a band called Mainstay whom I had heard about but never listened to any of their music.
They had an interesting audio setup where their guitars were turned down and the focus was more on the lyrics and drums.
They were pretty good!

And then it was time for my favorite band to hit the stage – Family Force 5!
They had EVERYTHING turned up, and the place was literally hopping!
They started out with "Replace Me" and it was so loud they had to make some adjustments, but the follow up songs were much better. Remaining songs were "Lose Yourself", "X-Girlfriend", "Drama Queen", "Love Addict", "Country Gentleman", "Supersonic"
. We went and got their signatures afterwards, waiting about a half-hour in the rain and we picked up a "Diamond Edition" T-Shirt to boot.

Next was Kutless, and they were as well received as Family Force 5. They had some awesome sounding guitars and things were dialed down a bit more but it sounded equally great. I was only disappointed by the fact that they did not play "Winds of Change" (or maybe they played it while we were in the FF5 meet/greet line).

Then came Jars Of Clay, but by that time we could only listen to a few more songs as everyone was REALLY hungry and thirsty. We left after just two songs.

Son-Fest is an awesome concert, and I recommend it to everyone!

I’m attaching a photo of four of the FF5 members (Crouton – the drummer – was just arriving as we were taking the picture, so he was not in it).

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