Politics Explained – Especially Prescient In This Senate Immigration Bill “Compromise”

Conservative Washington journalist Stan Evans, a frequent columnist in Human Events magazine, tells a hilarious story of Russian legislators touring Washington to investigate our two-party political system just after the fall of the old Soviet Union. They had no idea how anything ever gets
done here, since all they had known was a single-party system under
which all opposition to the communist party was outlawed.

They asked Stan to explain the term “bipartisanship”. He replied that in America we have not just one, but two parties – the Stupid Party (Republicans) and the Evil Party(Democrats). The
Stupid Party tries to pass stupid bills, the Evil Party tries to pass
evil bills, and they fight each other tooth and nail over which gets done. Occasionally, however, they agree to pass something that is both stupid and evil.

This, Stan explained, is what we call “bipartisanship.”

Well, this "bipartisan" gift of Amnesty to illegal aliens can be called nothing else BUT stupid & evil!

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