Senator Graham (R-SC) Gets “Back Stabbed” Again By His New Buddies

Subtitle: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says "Border Security Not Germane to Homeland Security"

Republicans (led by hapless immigration-turncoat Senator Lindsey Graham R-SC) introduced an amendment to the fiscal year 2008 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill Wednesday that might have actually provided $3 billion for border fencing and prohibit “sanctuary city” policies, which forbid local law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-NV then raised a point of order against the amendment on the absolutely ludicrous grounds  that it was not germane to the underlying bill. Reid actually went even further, making an outrageous claim the amendment would “re-legislate immigration” and “take away basic rights that people have, people who are American citizens.” Reid’s point of order still passed 52-44 – on nearly all fellow Democrat votes.

Still – Senator Ted Stevens R-AL and Senator George Voinovich R-OH crossed party lines to help Democrats defeat the amendment. Three senators seeking their party’s presidential nomination did not vote on the point of order: Sam Brownback R-KS, Hillary Clinton D-NY and John McCain R-AZ.

So, here we have yet another group of Republicans who strongly help support a personal decision for anybody claiming to be CONSERVATIVE to no longer contribute money directly to any "wrapper" Republican groups like the NRC (National Republican Committe) or the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committe).

These senators MUST be starved of campaign cash (and hopefully thus defeated in subsequent elections) if they simply cannot at least support US citizens over NON-CITIZENS! And to think these absentees/abstainees actually want to be president when they can’t even be trusted to do the easy thing by voting to enforce our borders…

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