The 80s (“Eighties”) – Once Again Proven To Be The Best

After recently attending another concert headlined by three fantastic eighties bands – Styx, Foreigner and Def Leppard – I am once again convinced that there is a HUGE contingent of NEW fans who echo the sentiments I’ve been espousing for years.  The eighties were one of the most fantastic periods of time EVER.  The eighties were the best of times with the best of music. 

The greatest modern president Ronald Reagan (Republican) had defeated one of the WORST modern day presidents Jimmy Carter (Democrat) and Reagan was sporting the highest approval ratings of any president in modern history (proving most people really AREN’T hippie socialists).  Music was *primarily* about HAVING FUN (like Poison’s "Don’t Need Nothing But A Good Time") and networks like MTV were born (and actually played music videos!).

This concert was attended by as many YOUNG fans as it was with their original fan base.  Def Leppard was SO impressed that they made a promise right there on the spot that they WOULD BE RETURNING TO CHARLOTTE!!  My seat was pretty close to the stage, and looking back over the crowd, I could not see ANY empty blue seats at all.  The lawn crowd was quite packed as well.  Everywhere I looked, I saw T-Shirts with past tour dates on them – some even going back to the 70s/seventies (Styx – Grand Illusion tour 1977).

The event organizer did not say they were sold out that evening, however they DID send out warnings in advance that it would be particularly crowded and that we should arrive early.

God – I love the eighties!  Make sure to catch VH-1s "I love the Eighties" shows – one hour per year of the eighties.  These episodes were so successful for VH-1 that they are the ONLY decade to which they remade them – TWICE!  The 70’s and 90s were only done once each.  However, there are now 10 more episodes of "I Love The Eighties" subtitled "Strikes Back" (part 2) and 10 more subtitled "3D" (part 3).

Party on, y’all!

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