“Sicko” Michael Moore Easily Loses His “Accuracy” Bet

Sarah Berk, Executive Director of Health Care America, writes that there are rumors that Michael Moore offers $10,000 rewards for
anyone who can prove that any point in his movies is untrue. Since he ends his movie with the statement that every country in Europe uses the Canadian "single-payer" model for "free" healthcare, and since that is easily refuted, does he owe $10,000 per country (there are, after all, many) or just $10,000 for getting Europe wrong in total?

See a fairly large list of screw-ups in "Sicko" that Michael Moore has a long (predictable) history of making:
Sicko Screw-Ups (intentional of course)

"Michael Moore ends the movie "Sicko" with a lie. It may not be an intentional
lie, but it is a falsehood, nonetheless. Michael Moore ends the movie saying that every European country offers "free" health coverage to
their citizens and every European country provides such coverage through a "single payer" system."

"Both statements are untrue. It is a sad commentary on the pathetically, uninformed state of the health care policy debate in America that health care journalists and American political leaders do not simply know that both of the statements are untrue and that they have not
responded clearly and quickly to correct the error."

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