Vietnam Veteran’s Legacy Foundation Goes All-In on Phony Soldiers/Media

WASHINGTON, D.C. — "American pilots do not conduct air-raids on
villages, killing civilians, nor are our troops cold-blooded murderers
or terrorists," said retired Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day, America’s
most decorated living veteran and former POW. "But, if you believe some
current members of Congress who have accused our men and women in
uniform of all that and worse, you would have to conclude our military
is a barbarian horde, just as John Kerry had previously said."

"It was a lie then, and it’s an even bigger lie today," Day
continued. "The truth is that some in the U.S. Congress and their
mouthpieces in the media now represent a much bigger threat to the
lives of our men and women in combat, and our national security, than
any foreign enemy."

Among his many decorations from World War II, Korea and Vietnam,
Col. Day is a Medal of Honor recipient and a combat pilot held captive
for more than five years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison. He is
also the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF)
which has been embroiled in litigation with Kerry campaign aides since
Kerry’s failed Presidential bid. Those lawsuits were recently
withdrawn, and the VVLF is now able to reveal the results of its
research and investigation efforts. But the VVLF needs your help.

"We were forced to spend over $1 million to defend ourselves in
these frivolous lawsuits. In fact we still owe over $250,000 in legal
bills. We paid the price of freedom 35 years ago to protect the basic
liberties of all Americans, and now we’re paying all over again, to
protect our own freedom of speech," said Col. Day, a practicing Florida

"Unfortunately, as former Prisoners of War, we do not have the money
that has. Nor do we have the ability to obtain special
discounts from the New York Times to run full page ads. That is where you can help."

Col. Day and several other POWs, including the wife of a POW, were
sued numerous times by Kerry campaign associates after they
participated in a 2004 documentary, "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never
Heal." In that film, Day and other POWs detailed the direct impact
Kerry and his fellow anti-war activists, including many U.S. Senators,
had on their survival in captivity and even the eventual loss of the
Vietnam War.

The producer of "Stolen Honor," Pulitzer Prize-winner and Marine
combat veteran, Carlton Sherwood, was also sued in a vain effort by the
Kerry Campaign to prevent the documentary from being broadcast or even
shown in theaters. It was eventually released in the closing days of
the 2004 campaign, primarily on Northern Ohio cable outlets where,
according to most post-election news analysts, Sen. Kerry lost his
presidential bid.

"Our brave soldiers were and continue to be sold out today by many
of those same people, abetted by a new crop of politicians and
journalists," Col Day said. "They may say they ’support the troops,’
but they have nothing but contempt for those serving in the military.
The reality is many in Congress and the media are hoping for, and
invested in, America’s defeat in the Global War on Terrorism just as
they forced America’s defeat in Vietnam, years after the last U.S.
military combat units were withdrawn."

Col. Day continued:

"The problem is that it was all a lie, staged theatrics,
choreographed by the Communists and spoon fed to the American public by
unconscionable, ambitious politicians and the press. We now have the
hard evidence to prove that. We have obtained documents, records,
eyewitness accounts, even the CONFESSIONS of those who originally made
those despicable accusations and have now recanted ever witnessing an
atrocity, much less committing one. The facts are incontrovertible and

"Our findings prove the accusations made against our military in
Vietnam were pure enemy propaganda used by American turncoats to
advance their political ambitions and agendas, all trumpeted, by an
unquestioning, complicit media," Day said. "Today, other phonies have
taken their place, people like Jesse MacBeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp,
whose slanderous accusations against our men and women in Iraq made
world-wide headlines even though those reports were baseless, the
accusers frauds. Then, as now, the media has been all too eager to hand
the microphone over to anyone who wishes to defame America’s soldiers,
whether it’s an ambitious politician or a wannabe who never spent a day
in uniform, much less a combat zone.

Col. Day said his VVLF organization plans to release its findings once they secure funding to do so.

"This is not over," said Day. "Now we are able to reveal the results
of the research and documentation that we acquired. This material will
reclaim once and for all the good name and good reputation of a
generation of servicemen. It will help make sure that the brave men and
women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t have to go through what we

Armed with these testimonies and documented research, the VVLF plans
to demonstrate to the American public the truth about those who accused
our troops of atrocities and war crimes and those who promoted those
falsehoods. The former POWs also intend to show the motives of those
responsible and the media propaganda that lead to an entirely false
history of Vietnam, just as the press is doing today in Iraq. That is
where we need your support.

To present our findings to the American Public, the VVLF needs your
help. It is critical that we reveal the truth before Congress repeats
the mistake it made over 30 years ago.

Please forward this message to everyone you know who could assist us.

This request for support is not addressed or available to legal residents of Mississippi.

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