Goverment-Run (destroyed) Health Care Already Being Voted Upon – RIGHT NOW!

You must have heard of the SCHIP universal government run taxpayer-funded health-care program by now.  The original CHIP (no S) program was adopted in 1997 by Presidents Bill & Hillary Clinton.
This is the Democrat’s most recent success at adding more and more universal Federal Government run taxpayer funded health care for Americans (and illegal immigrants?) 18 and younger (& college students?).

Yes – this SCHIP plan was IN ADDITION to the universal federal government run taxpayer funded health care programs like Medicare (all Americans over 64 years of age) and Medicaid (for all Americans of ANY age who refuse to work & their spouse/children.

President Bush gave a MUCH needed veto of the recent SCHIP program expansion bill that sought to up the program’s budget by $35 billion dollars.  This is one of the few things our president has done recently (outside of combating terrorists) which still gives him SOME room to claim to be a Republican.

SO, how did the SCHIP program nearly go up in costs so much, you ask?!
Well, the original program sought to cover working families who earn up to twice the poverty level in income and do not qualify for Medicaid, but refuse to buy their own medical insurance or work for someone who offers it as a perk.  The SCHIP program which has been in effect covers young Americans (in the aforementioned situation) up to the age of 18 with a family income of roughly between $30,000 and $40,000.  In other words – it actually covered youths of lower-income parents who did not seek their own health insurance (and now don’t have much incentive to do so, either).

HOWEVER – the Democrats NOW want to redefine SCHIP more like a universal taxpayer-funded government-run Health Care program by launching the income level for a child to qualify to $83,000FOUR(4) times the poverty level – nowhere NEAR the definition of "poverty" in any way! 
AS IF THAT WEREN’T LUDICROUS ENOUGH, the Democrats’ also are attempting to redefine a "child" as someone up to age 25.  Perhaps Democrat-raised children still have a child’s mentality at age 25, but not the remaining reality-rooted 25-year-old Americans!

Universal Health-Care (an oxymoron if I ever heard of one) is already here folks – brace yourselves!

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