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Flash Memory/Storage Comes A LONG Way! (SD, SDHC, MicroSD, USB2.0)

The world of Flash Memory/Solid-State storage has come a long way.As recently as a year ago, 16GB SD  cards, 8GB MicroSD cards and 16GB USB2.0 Flash Drives were virtually unheard of.Today, they not only exist in fair quantities, they also … Continue reading

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MAJOR New Product Brings Bluray AND HD-DVD Combo Player Media Center PCs To You For Under $300

One of the most awesome pieces of hardware has arrived that will provide DIRT cheap High-Def movie-disc playing Media Center PCs into your Audio-Video Entertainment center. LG has put to market a Blu-ray/HD-DVD ROM combo PC disc drive (model GGC-H20L) … Continue reading

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Vinnie Vincent Invasion Remasters and Re-releases Their Albums

Vinnie Vincent, the one-time Kiss lead guitarist (the first to replace Ace Frehley after his departure),  released two awesome albums during the eighties: Vinnie Vincent Invasion (1986) All Systems Go (1988) These albums have since been remastered and re-released on … Continue reading

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ALDI’s Medion MD 8825 Desktop PC And Memory Upgrades

I purchased a Medion MD 8825 Desktop PC from ALDIs a while back, and paid an incredibly low $500 for it. Since then, I decided to upgrade the memory to a full 4gb(gigabytes) from the original standard 2gb.  Additionally, I … Continue reading

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FINALLY! Some Evidence Of Two-Way CableCard OpenCABLE (now “tru2way”) Televisions!

The Cable TV industry is nearing completion of their long-running plans to standardize its technology and open the door to televisions and other devices that won’t require cable boxes to receive video-on-demand programs and other interactive services. CableLabs, the cable … Continue reading

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Oil hits $100 per barrel, I Pump First Tank Of E85 Into My Daily Commuter Car

I bought a 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo last week.  I particularly wanted this car for several reasons: American Car Company, Sporty Two-Door, Sunroof, V6 Flex-Fuel engine, XM-Radio, On-Star, MP3/Auxillary Interface AND Remote Keyless start/entry. Additional niceties are: Auto-on/off Headlights, smoothest … Continue reading

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