FINALLY! Some Evidence Of Two-Way CableCard OpenCABLE (now “tru2way”) Televisions!

The Cable TV industry is nearing completion of their long-running plans to standardize its technology and open
the door to televisions and other devices that won’t require cable boxes
to receive video-on-demand programs and other interactive services.

CableLabs, the cable industry’s research and development arm, was to announce Monday that its OpenCable platform, which began back in 1997, will now be re-named "tru2way".

Time Warner and Comcast are expecting to have the full implementation completed this year, with Cox Communications having a large share of its implementation completed as well.

My television, a Samsung 42" Plasma, is one of a hadful which can use a CableLabs One-Way Digital CableCard.  However, users like myself cannot receive the online cable giude service, or the video-on-0demand services.  It simply descrambles the scrambled content so I can forego the use of a cablebox.  While that suits me just fine, it would be nice to be able to have the full range of features.  And that will apparently be possible sometime VERY soon!

CableLabs said it has negotiated licensing agreements with Intel and Broadcom to develop "tru2way" chips, while Microsoft  is expected to integrate the standard into the Windows operating system.  

Comcast expects "tru2way" branding will begin to show up on TVs, set-top boxes, PCs and other devices to signal their compatibility with cable systems.

On Monday, Panasonic and Comcast plan to unveil a slew of new products
that will be compatible with "tru2way," including a plasma
high-definition television, high-definition digital video recorders and
a portable DVR.

The Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV with "tru2way" will go on sale this
year. Panasonic’s portable DVD player and recorder, called "AnyPlay" entails the use of a docking station which allows for reoval of the player and watching recorded programs anywhere they like on its 8.5-inch LCD screen. It is
to go on sale in early 2009.
Other products are expected to reach retail stores as early as the end of 2008.

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