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Bio-Fuels Tidbits (Ethanol, Biodiesel, GTL, etc)

Ethanol output rises to a rate of 2.7 billion gallons of fuel annually in early 2008, a 33% increase over 2007 production!  That’s an increase of about 167,000 barrels a day, roughly the same amount currently produced by a large … Continue reading

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Revisiting Five Of My Favorite XBOX Strategy/Shooter Games

While I’m not a "Gamer" by definition, I have been known to jump on the occasional PC, XBOX, PSP, NDS and JAVA device (i.e. cellphone) game when the mood strikes me. This year, due to my newly-found solo weekends, I … Continue reading

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Dick Morris, Former Clinton Adviser, Lists Hillary’s Lies To Date

Funny!  And this is just HILLARY’S whoppers – doesn’t even include ANY of Billy’s! Hillary simply cannot tell the truth. Here’s her scorecard: Admitted Lies: Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (Chelsea was in bed … Continue reading

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OpenOffice.Org – A FREE Open-Source Office Solution Compatible With Microsoft Office! version 2 OpenOffice.Org Office Suite is available for many platforms, including the Windows operating system, and is compatible with other major office suites (including Microsoft Office). Versions are available for ALL popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and … Continue reading

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Legendary Band BOSTON Kicks Off Greatest Hits Tour 2008 On June 6

  The legendary band BOSTON will headline the outdoor festival at Marina Park on Friday, June 6 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, at one of the Canadian stops of the Great Race 2008.  The ‘round-the-globe motor sports event will be making … Continue reading

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Added An XBOX360 HD DVD-ROM Drive To The Alienware Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Rig Today – Thanks BluePrint For The XP UDF 2.5 Driver!

Now that the HD format war is officially over (congrats Blu-ray), I decided to snag one of the $49.99 Toshiba HD DVD-ROM drives (for the XBOX 360) to connect to my desktop & laptop PCs using the standard USB connector … Continue reading

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P..P..P…President Bush D.D..Don’t Care Ab.b.b.out Blue..Green..Chrome..Idiots!!

The latest politically-roped-dope embarrassment, Kanye West, had this lame picture associated with his current "I..I…I cares ab..b..b..out black p..p..peoples buying…CDs" tour: Yes – the king democrat stooge is just as ridiculous in this rendering as he is in the … Continue reading

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