Revisiting Five Of My Favorite XBOX Strategy/Shooter Games

While I’m not a "Gamer" by definition, I have been known to jump on the occasional PC, XBOX, PSP, NDS and JAVA device (i.e. cellphone) game when the mood strikes me.

This year, due to my newly-found solo weekends, I decided to break out the spare XBOX console and hook it back into the 42" plasma surround sound entertainment system – mainly because I really dislike the notion of watching broadcast TV as a pastime.  My games of choice?  Four XBOX strategy games I liked so much in the past that I beat them COMPLETELY, and then wrote & distributed a walk-through for each of them for my website, and one AWESOME multi-player title:

  1. Die Hard: Vendetta (Vivendi Universal Games)
    (I wanted this one so much I ordered it from Europe as it is NOT AVAILABLE FOR XBOX IN THE US!)
  2. Indiana Jones and the Emporer’s Tomb (Lucas Arts)
  3. The Hobbit (Sierra Games)
  4. The Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label Games)
  5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 (Ubisoft)

Each of the four single-player strategy games are moderately rated games at best from the "Gamer" community, as is typical for strategy/shooter games.  But I enjoyed them immensely back when I first beat each of them and decided to beat them once again without consulting my walk-through.
And the highly-rated Rainbow Six 3, my favorite multi-player game, is simply spectacular in the coordinated missions multi-player mode it offers.  I’ve always networked our 2 XBOXes together (via my home’s built-in wired 100mbit Ethernet star-network) and run missions with a second player in my home on the upstairs media-room TV/XBOX, and we use the communicator headsets.  This feature works GREAT and the missions are expertly designed.  This may be my most favorite game of all time when in multi-player missions mode.  It is equally great in single player mode, although I can’t say for sure if I have beaten the whole game – I think so, but I am not positive.

So far, I have re-beaten the first two single-player games, and I’m half-way through the third (The Hobbit).  I won’t stop until I have beaten them all again.  Although, I’d nearly forgotten just how frustrating these games can truly be!  But still – hours of entertainment for when one has to pass a boat-load of time without getting into trouble!

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