Doing Good When Nobody Is Watching…

NewsMax.Com‘s Ron Kessler once again makes a great point regarding the differences between the Clinton’s/Democrats and the Bush’s/Republicans in his most recent article.
There is a saying – I’ll paraphrase because I don’t know it exactly – that says something like "Doing ‘true good’ means to do it when nobody is looking".

As first lady, Laura Bush has never forgotten her friends from high
school and college. So she invited her 1964 graduating class from
Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas, to a reunion at the White
House. What made the event unique was that it bridged Midland’s segregationist past. Besides Lee High, her hometown had two other high schools when
she was growing up — Midland High (segregated) and George Washington Carver (all black) High
For the 44th reunion on Saturday evening, Laura brought all three
schools together for the first time. Six graduates of Carver, which had
a much smaller graduating class than the other two schools, attended
the event. In all, 500 people, including spouses or guests, attended the event.

To the dismay of many who think it would improve their image, the
Bushes refuse to use such personal events and friendships for political
advantage. Thus, the press was never told the details of the reunion
and how it bridged a segregated past.

By the same token, when Bush held his 35th Yale University
reunion at the White House, friends he invited to stay overnight at the
White House included Donald Etra, an orthodox Jew; Lois Betts, a black
woman; and Muhammed Saleh, a Muslim born in Jordan.

The Clinton White House would have held a press conference to
highlight the diversity of the president’s friends. Reflecting Midland
values, Bush never told the press.

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