XBOX, PS2, GameCube And PSP Owners REJOICE! Free Network Gaming!!

Many years ago, I was well aware of the popular free "tunneling" software available which would allow my XBOX to be utilized in internet-based network gaming free of charge.  You would simply run "tunneling" software on one of your home’s networked-PCs, add your XBOX to the same home network, and then point your "tunneling" software to your XBOX and then to the gaming community/group of your choice.  You would, of course, collaborate this with your friends in advance or through MSN chat (et. al.) so you can all join together and play, let’s say, networked Halo.  The only real requirement was that your multiplayer game allow for being played in "System Link" mode, of which there are MANY that do (Halo, for example).

My tunneling software & community of choice was XLink Kai –  My family would coordinate with a few other families/friends and join together our XBOXes on a Friday evening of fun and slaughter!  This XLink Kai software would always work GREAT for us, even allowing for use of the XBOX live communicator headset!

Sadly, at one point during the evolution of the software, XLink had to limit the growing problem of abusive players ruining the fun for everyone else, so they devised a rule that said all users must rejoin the community, and you could only do so by INVITATION.  Unfortunately, none of us were able to collaborate with an existing user to get re-invited/joined!  I eventually gave up, as did all of my friends.

Well, fast forward a few years to today, and I find out that this rule has been lifted!  WOOHOO!  I rejoined yesterday, and have now re-established my account and a few private communities for my group’s use.  I understand the software and hardware have improved even beyond the great experience they already were too.  Give it a whirl!

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