How To Program A Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter For The 2004 Chrysler Concorde And 300M
I had a tough time digging up this information, but I did finally locate it, and I release it here to the masses:

NOTE: This procedure requires you to have at least 1 programmed and working remote for the car in question, otherwise a dealership trip is in order for you!
NOTE 2: A maximum of FOUR (4) remotes can be programmed to the car at one time.

1. Obtain all remotes. (Any existing remotes NOT used while you program your new remote(s) will no longer have memory and will need to be reprogrammed according to the following instructions as well)
2. Turn ignition to ON position
3. Using a programmed remote PUSH & HOLD UNLOCK button for 4 seconds
4. After holding the UNLOCK button for at least 4 seconds but no longer than 10 seconds, press remote PANIC button for at least 1 second and release both buttons
5. Listen for acoustic sound (bell) which indicates that you are now in programming mode
6. Within 30 seconds carry out the following procedure for each remote including previously programmed remote:

(a) Press and hold remote LOCK and UNLOCK buttons for 1 second, then release
(b) Press and release any remote button
(c) Listen for acoustic signal  (repeat a through c for each remote)

7. Switch ignition OFF (or wait as full 32 seconds pass to exit programming mode  – you should hear the final acoustic signal)

Good luck

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