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Funny Emails Circulating About Barack “57 States” Obama

EDIT: Additional dumb/stupid Obama quote:A few days before his much publicized trip to the Middle East, Barack Obama makes yet another historical gaffe while speaking to a group of supporters in West Lafayette, Indiana, about the importance of national security. … Continue reading

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I Guess Today Is My Day For Noticing Funny Typos

For whatever reason, I suppose this is my day for noticing typos on major news stories and websites. My most recent discovery was in a Associated Press/Yahoo!Finance news story.  While it may be more of a misuse rather than misspelling … Continue reading

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More Tru2Way News – Both Good And Bad

Sony and six cable companies have apparently now adopted the Tru2Way™ cable card standard.Prior to this, only Panasonic and Comcast had adopted the standard.CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY Speaking of Panasonic, apparently there is a rumor abounding that … Continue reading

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Journey’s New Album – Revelation (2008) – A Review

Journey has released their first CD since signing on new singer Arnel Pinada.  The CD, named REVELATION, is a 2-disc CD set along with a DVD of a live performance (currently available at your local WalMart store or on the … Continue reading

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Configured My Dream Laptop – Again…

Vigor Gaming Atlantis $6,086 SPECIAL PROMOTION      $100 Instant RebatePROCESSOR     Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor X6800 at 2.93GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 4M CacheNOTEBOOK COLOR     BlackMB CORE LOGIC     Intel P965 + ICH8R Chipset + NVIDIA SLI w/1066MHz FSB (Not Compatible … Continue reading

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Five Super-Hot Topless American Beauties!

Here are five absolutely SUPER-HOT topless American Beauties!(In case you haven’t figured it out yet – I’m talking about convertible automobiles) #1 – Saturn Sky Red Line Carbon Flash Special Edition Turbo RoadsterI saw a Saturn Sky RLCF Se Turbo … Continue reading

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Most Expensive E85 In The USA, And It Had To Be MY Station…

I am SO disappointed right now.  I was enjoying E85 in my new Monte Carlo for several months – even though it wasn’t QUITE a cost break-even with gasoline. Then, out of the blue, my local gas station and (ONLY) … Continue reading

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