Most Expensive E85 In The USA, And It Had To Be MY Station…

I am SO disappointed right now.  I was enjoying E85 in my new Monte Carlo for several months – even though it wasn’t QUITE a cost break-even with gasoline.

Then, out of the blue, my local gas station and (ONLY) E85 supplier decided they needed to price their E85 within $0.30/gal of gasoline.  And worse, this was at the time of sharply rising gasoline prices which took the price up to $3.94/gal!

Needless to say, I do NOT buy E85 anymore.  And after checking the premier web site for comparing Ethanol E85 prices around the USA, I find the comparison just made me that much more depressed.  My station (and my whole STATE for that matter) has the highest E85 prices in the union!
See for yourself:

This makes me come to the conclusion that Ethanol can never really survive standard market forces.  E85 must be priced approximately 35% less than gasoline to be viable, and right now my idiotic suppler has barely met a 3% price point premium.  That won’t fly.  Hope they enjoy sitting on a huge ground-tank of Ethanol…

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