Journey’s New Album – Revelation (2008) – A Review

Journey has released their first CD since signing on new singer Arnel Pinada.  The CD, named REVELATION, is a 2-disc CD set along with a DVD of a live performance (currently available at your local WalMart store or on the web at http://WalMart.Com).

I obtained mine from my local WalMart on the day it became available, and it had already nearly sold out – I got the last one!  I was pleasantly surprised to find the new singer sounds incredible.  Journey rides again!

The first CD contains a line-up of all new songs with the single exception of "Faith In The Heartland"  which returns from the Generations album from 2005 and was  then sung by Steve Augeri.  The new songs are in the same awesome traditional sound of the pinnacle Journey years. 

The CD starts out with a hard-hitting anthem-like song titled "Never Walk Away", and follows with a slower love-song in "Like A Sunshower".  Track 3 is my favorite from the CD – another anthem-like song titled "Change For The Better" which belongs on radio stations all over the USA.  This song is followed up by another fast-paced rock tune called "Wildest Dream" which is a likable song but not in league with the first three tracks.  Track 5 is a revival from the "Generations" album called "Faith In The Heartland" – a bad-ass hit tune then and even better now – another major hit that belong on radio everywhere.  Track six – "After All These Years" – is sure to score big with the lovers who started out their relationships back during the "Escape" years listening to songs like "Open Arms" or "Faithfully" (that would include yours truly). This song is yet another major hit and truly showcases Arnel’s spectacular voice.  Track seven is a nice pop-rock tune called "Where Did I Lose Your Love" and is a great tune as well. It showcases each and every band members skills.  Track eight is a great tune but may confuse some (it is somewhat like a blend of ballad/anthem) thus causing a few to simply hit the skip button.  Track nine is another of my favorites as it introduces a little new Journey style with the old Journey sound – "What It Takes To Win" is a hit on many different levels.  This song stands highest towards the modern sound benchmark and scores high with me personally.  Track ten is my favorite of the love-song genre on this CD and could easily make it onto both the pop and country charts.  The song "Turn Down The World Tonight" is fantastic and should be all over the radio as well.  The eleventh and final track is an awesome lyric-less showcase of the music Journey cranks out so well.  It is also the song that will likely open all their live performances as they tour this summer.  "The Journey" aka "Revelation" is an awesome Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion experience and is what opens the DVD concert as well.

The second CD showcases the fact that Arnel Pinada is up to the task by re-recording several Journey favorites such as "Only The Young", "Don’t Stop Believin’", "Wheel In The Sky", "Faithfully", "Any Way You Want It", "Who’s Cryin’ Now", "Separate Ways", "Lights", "Open Arms", "Be Good To Yourself" and one of my personal favorites – "Stone In Love".  These are VERY well done and are sure to even please some Journey "Purists"!

All Journey fans (and music fans in general) need to get this CD/DVD set and get back to what great music is all about!

Here’s the Lyrics to "After All These Years":

A faded wedding photograph,
you and me in our first dance.
Our eyes are closed, we’re lost in one sweet embrace.

Since those days the world has changed,
and our love remains the same.
God knows we’ve had our share of saving grace.

And I’m proud of all the blessings you have given me,
the mountains we have climbed to get this far.
You learn to take the laughter with the tears after all these years.

You make it feel brand new,
after the fires that we’ve walked through.
Against the odds we never lost our faith.

In our house we’ve made our home,
where our children all have grown.
Precious moments time can not erase.

Make a livin’ up and down the Dixie highway.
Seasons that we’ve beared to share apart.
Somehow in my heart I always keep you near after all these years.

After all these years
You stood by me the days and nights that I was gone.
After all these years
You sacrificed, believed in me, and you stood strong.
Cause with our love there’s nothing left to fear after all these years.

After all these years
You stood by me the days and nights that I was gone.
After all these years
You sacrificed, believed in me, and you stood strong.
Cause with our love there’s nothing left to fear after all these years.

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2 Responses to Journey’s New Album – Revelation (2008) – A Review

  1. johnathan says:

    “PAIN IN MY HEART” by Arnel Pineda si from journey?

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