PSP Owners Take Note – New Adapter Allows Economical MicroSD Memory Card To Be Used In Place Of Expensive Memory Stick Pro Duo Card!

UPDATE – see my update to this article HERE with good news – this adapter DOES support MagicGate AND MicroSDHC chips greater than 2gb!!

I recently saw a product – MicroSD to Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter – at http://SuperMediaStore.Com which would help bypass Sony’s proprietary and consequently high-cost memory expansion solution for such items as their PSP.

To provide some background, there are several memory expansion technologies on the market today.  Sony had created their own proprietary model called Memory Stick.  The Memory Stick Pro Duo is a compact variant of this original standard, and as of March 2008 can be bought in up to 16gb capacities with High Speed option and MagicGate Digital Rights Management/Copy Protection.

Current size/pricing comparisons for Memory Stick Pro Duo:
2gb Sandisk* – best $30 highest $50 average $40
4gb Sandisk* – best $36 highest $55 average $45
* Sandisk, Sony and Lexar MSProDuo pricing generally the same

Current size/pricing comparisons for MicroSD/MicroSDHC:
2gb Apacer* – best $7.45 highest $14 average $10.70
4gb PQI* – best $17 highest $25 average $21
* Filemate, Apacer, Kingston and PQI MSD/MSDHC pricing generally the same, A-Data and Sandisk MSD/MSDHC pricing slightly higher

The price of the MSProDuo/MicroSD adapter was fantastic – $10 with FREE SHIPPING! My only disappointment came when I looked at the specifications – it is limited to MicroSD cards only, meaning it only supports up to a 2gb card.  If this adapter were to support the MicroSDHC (High Capacity) standard,
the storage possibilities would run up to the 8/16/32gb range.  Additionally, it is not certain this adapter FULLY supports MagicGate (although it claims it does), which – if not FULLY supported (meaning encryption mode) – may cause the card to be incompatible with Sony devices such as the PSP(in service mode) or SonicStage (Sony Connect) which means the card will not be listed/shown.

Nonetheless, the idea of getting storage on the PSP for half the price – even if I had to buy 2 MicroSD 2gb cards – is QUITE appealing! 
1 MSProDuo adapter + 1 2gb MicroSD for $17.50 – OR – 1 2gb MSProDuo for $40.  Seems like an easy call to me!

Here is the specs on the adapter I reference:

MicroSD to Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter

  • Compatible with Memory Stick Duo Media
  • Allows microSD to be used in Memory Stick Duo Media regular sized slots
  • Interface: MemoryStick Pro Duo
  • Compatible Memory Card Media: microSD
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.3V/5V
  • Compatible with MagicGate Memory Stick DUO and Memory Stick Pro Duo Media

Click HERE for more information.
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