Powerful Music Returns To The Carowinds Paladium Amphitheatre In Charlotte, North Carolina On Saturday, October 4 – Family Force 5, Skillet, Casting Crowns and Leeland!

Powerful music returns to the Carowinds Paladium Amphitheatre on Saturday, October 4.

This year’s show will feature performances by:

Casting Crowns




I saw Casting Crowns and Family Force 5 at this show last year, and they were spectacular. Skillet and Leeland being added to the lineup this year can only make it better. I am prticularly a huge Skillet fan, and saw them play with Flyleaf last year at The Tremont Music Hall – an awesome show.

Here’s an e-mail note sent out to FF5 fans last week:


Yo, what you know

This is Family Force 5
checking in from home!  It’s good to be back in the A-T-L, where the
Braves are under-performing, the weather is Gustav-ish, and the babies
are aging!  That’s right…Cash is almost a year old, and we’re
throwing a big birthday bash for him later this week.  He’ll look
incredible with one of those cone-shaped hats and a kazoo!

week was amazing.  We played in front of the biggest crowd of FF5’s
history (we’ve heard guesses ranging from 20,000-40,000 at
Lifelight…any of those numbers is mind-boggling) and hung out with
some story-telling Vietnam Vets who ruled!  Also, thanks to your help, Dance or Die landed on the Billboard Charts
during its first week in stores (#30 overall, #8 modern rock, #1
Christian).  We appreciate you guys putting your DOD Diamond-headed
pictures on myspace (see below for entertaining examples) and
participating in the coolest chalk-drawing contest of all time.  If you
haven’t yet picked up Dance or Die, don’t forget that Hot Topic is
carrying that bad boy (along with plenty of the Skelanimals T-‘s we
rocked this summer)!

The five of us
(11, if you count the whole crew) are gearing up for Dance Rawr Dance
II, and we look forward to seeing you there…wearing silver! 
Seriously, we want everybody to look futuristic, so when you come to
the tour, please wear as much silver, white, and electric blue as you
  Thanks again for giving us jobs!

Family Force 5

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