Michael Moore @ MoreOn . Org – Go See “An American Carol” October 3rd

To all my common-sense thinking America lovers:
You all love a great comedy, right?! Red heart
You all absolutely deplore the deceitful tactics of the blatant America-hating Michael More-on, right?!
Baring teeth
When that fat idiot uses his deceitful tactics via propaganda movies for innocent fellow Americans, and actually CONS their ignorant-arses into anger at their own country, it makes you want to beat that more-on into the ground, right?! Angry

Well – here’s your chance to vent some of that anger in an absolutely hilarious film by none other than David Zucker, the mastermind behind many of our favorite comedies: Superhero Movie, Scary Movie 4, Fever Pitch, My Boss’s Daughter, The Naked Gun, etc.

You MUST see "AN AMERICAN CAROL" this coming week! (opens wide on October 3rd) Open-mouthed
Starring: Kelsey Grammer, James Woods, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielsen, Trace Adkins and many many more.

Vivendi Entertainment's An American Carol

"An American Carol" is about a cynical, Anti-American ‘Hollywood’
filmmaker who sets out on a crusade to abolish the 4th of July holiday. He
is visited by three spirits who take him on a journey in an attempt to
show him the true meaning of America. Along the way, he gets an education he has long since earned and deserved. You’ll be cheering like the bunch of Hollywood commies at Michael More-on’s award presentation. Tongue out

See the awesome preview here: Click Here for ‘An American Carol’ Preview


All my Hollywood friends say I’m out of my foolish mind (this being Hollywood, they don’t actually say "foolish," but you get the idea.)

They were fine when I made people laugh in
Naked Guns,
and Scary
but now that I’m making them laugh with
a movie that dares to love America and support our troops,
they think I should be committed.

Well, I
committed! Committed to making funny movies, and if they do something "right," proud of that too!

So go to americancarolers.com join the behind-the-scenes network that helps you invite friends, watch exclusive clips, and earn points toward great prizes.

And check out this article from
Entertainment Weekly
on newstands Friday, September 19: "New Conservative Movie ‘American Carol’ Tries to Show Hollywood Who’s Right." Oh, and don’t miss Kathleen Parker’s article on the movie here.

See you at the movies on October 3 — you’ll laugh your, uh, foolish
heads off!


David Zucker

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