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Some Economic Terms Explained – Particularly Useful In Light Of Current Events (Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis/Credit Crisis/Housing Values Crisis/Foreclosures)

I’m throwing out some definitions relating to terminology you may have heard used in news stories, etc. during these tumultuous economic times. I’m starting out with just one term – Commercial Paper – but I will add more as I … Continue reading

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How to Avoid the Four Deadliest Cancers

For what it’s worth, this came to me from a medical e-mail mailing I get every once in a while: How to Avoid the Four Deadliest Cancers About 1.3 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year and about 500,000 … Continue reading

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A First For Me – My “Workhorse” PC’s Power Supply Dies!

I have owned my share of PC desktop and laptop computers since getting my first on my 16th birthday.  What happened last evening was a first for me – my gaming rig’s power supply gave out.  I woke up at … Continue reading

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