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Plethora – Sims2: Apartment Life & Mansion and Garden Stuff, Dameon Tools Pro 4.30.0303 w/IDE, YASU 1.5 SCSI Cloaking, Oil Changes & Tire Rotations

It has been a rather boring week or two, but I have stayed quite busy nonetheless.I went to the Carolina Auto Show to see the new cars. There weren’t many prototypes (maybe two) so it was just OK – nothing … Continue reading

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Ran My First Ever 5K Run Event – Placed 3rd In Group!

I have been running regularly (pretty much daily) for several years now, simply as a "hobby" to pass the time and to keep my options open for the military.  It also helps me to offset my horrible eating habits.  I … Continue reading

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Some Superb George Will Quotes Regarding The Republican Party Ills

From his recent article titled "The Hyperbole of a Conservative"… On how the simpletons (my word) who still barter their good sense for good feelings:"The distribution of a trillion dollars by a political institution — the federal government — will … Continue reading

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Just How Bad Is The Economy?! If 401K/SEP-IRA Accounts Are Any Gauge Then REALLY BAD!

I have had a retirement account in one form or another (401K, SEP-IRA etc) for some time now. While my accounts have had their share of ups and downs, the ride was mostly a good one, with my accounts showing … Continue reading

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