Of Bailouts, Volts And Oil – How The Chevy Volt Will Be My Next Car Regardless Of Current Oil Prices

It appears there is no likelihood of General Motors, Ford or Chrysler getting any breaks from Big Government.  And, overall, that is just fine by me.  Here’s why:

  1. Unions need to be marginalized at the big three auomakers
  2. The US Government will then lose MUCH more in tax payments from GM, Ford and Chrysler than the Big 3 are asking BACK from them (GOOD!)
  3. This upcoming one-party-run Big Government session will almost certainly be far too interfering & meddling with the private auto businesses when they start feeling like *THEY* are "owed" something for *OUR TAXPAYER MONEY*
  4. GM, Ford and Chrysler will hopefully come out of this MUCH stronger, as they already had done in previous, even recent, troubling times

I have already gone on record, and will reiterate here once more, that my next automobile will be a first-release Chevrolet Volt plug-in electric car.  I made this decision back when oil hit the insane price of $100/barrel this summer.  Oil STILL went up nearly another 50% after that, peaking at $147.27/barrel sometime in July.  I know oil is back down to $42-43/barrel today, but – to me – I absolutely NEVER AGAIN want to be held hostage to an auto fuel which can be severely inflated and manipulated like oil/petroleum was this summer.  It was absolutely ridiculous then, and it is still absolutely ridiculous now.  I have ended a 30-mile round trip daily commute for work through negotiating with my employer so that I can work from home instead. And now my future automobile will be a plug-in electric for ALL of my remaining commuting.  I will keep a Ford Escape Hybrid or Chevrolet Cobalt SS 31+mpg for longer trips.

That’s it. End of story.


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