Viacom Run By Democrats Too?! Wouldn’t Doubt It – After All, They Have “The Daily Show”

Time Warner and Viacom are at an impasse over Viacom’s demand of a near
30% increase in carrier fees
. Time Warner is balking at paying such an
exorbitant increase saying (and Viacom confirming) it would cost Time Warner customers an additional
$430 million dollars annually
, or $35.9 million dollars per month!

Viacom said
that Americans spend a fifth of their TV time watching Viacom shows but
its fees make up less than 2.5 percent of the Time Warner cable bill.
THIS STATEMENT IS WHAT I FIND IDIOTIC! It truly means absolutely nothing at all.
It DOES, however, have the Democratic trademark rope-a-dope effect on
those who hear it. The average gullible un-thinking person would
passively think “Hey, that’s sounds fair then. Viacom should get more!”.
NO! For one, if you think Viacom should get a fifth of your bill
because average consumers spend a fifth of their TV time watching
Viacom shows, THEN VIACOM DUPED YOU TOO because this implies that 100%
of your cable bill is made up of various carrier fees – WRONG! It is
made up of SO much more than that! So much so, Viacom getting 2.5% of
my bill is probably TOO HIGH ALREADY

I despise this kind of PR tactic that Viacom has employed, and as with
Democrats, I immediately know Viacom is up to NO GOOD! After all, If
Viacom has the facts on their side, then why deceive the public with
this implied lie?!

Hold strong, Time Warner! You did an excellent job with the NFL trying
to bully you into buying the NFL network channel, and you will do well
with this conflict too. Besides, who in their right mind would find “The Daily Show”
entertaining anyway?! DROP THEM!

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