Such Is The Current Sorry State That Is My Life

Been boring as hell lately, so very few updates worth any mention.
But here goes anyway – sorry for the irritation:

  • Four-wheel disc brake pad replacement on my Yukon XL SLT plus new brake rortors on front.  Did it myself in a few hours for $180.
  • Watched the movie TAKEN – was an excellent film.
  • Also watched COLLEGE and SEX DRIVE in their UNRATED incantations – excellent comedy and female skin fest. I really needed the laughs.
  • Gave blood on the early morning of Valentines Day. Then, like an idiot, forgot about it by late afternoon and ran 2 miles before nearly fainting. Decided it would probably be better to just walk the dogs 5 miles instead.
  • Family Guy finally started new episodes yesterday with episode "Oceans 3 1/2" – VERY funny!
  • South Park doesn’t start airing their new episodes until 3/11 – my birthday.
  • The Daytona 500 was yesterday, marking the start of a new NASCAR season. If this particular race was any indication, the rest of the season will be a huge YAWN….


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