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They Are Taking The Nation By Storm – Protests Over The Insane Amount Of Spending Rammed Through Congress Without Allowing Bills To Be Debated OR EVEN READ!!

Join YOUR State’s Taxpayer Tea Party Protests! Here’s Those Being Held In North Carolina: Americans for Prosperity Encourages You to Attend Events, Standing Up for Individual Economic Freedom People from coast to coast are saying NO MORE — … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Happened After YEARS Of Internet Buying – Became A Victim Of Internet Credit Card Fraud

It’s finally happened, after YEARS of buying COUNTLESS things over the internet.  I’ve become a victim of internet credit card fraud! I was checking on my direct deposit on the afternoon of Tuesday March 24 2009 when I notice THIS … Continue reading

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Final Analysis – AT&T/Bellsouth DSL Xtreme 6.0 Mbps & Full Telephone Service Versus Time Warner’s RoadRunner Turbo 10.0 Mbps & Vonage Unlimited Phone Service

I have been a very satisfied AT&T/Bellsouth DSL and AT&T/BellSouth Local/Long Distance telephone customer for years.  I had switched to Bellsouth’s DSL service many years ago when Adelphia took over our Prestige cable service and made a mess of my … Continue reading

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