It’s Finally Happened After YEARS Of Internet Buying – Became A Victim Of Internet Credit Card Fraud

It’s finally happened, after YEARS of buying COUNTLESS things over the internet.  I’ve become a victim of internet credit card fraud!

I was checking on my direct deposit on the afternoon of Tuesday March 24 2009 when I notice THIS charge pending on my bank account:


The website sells theme packs for Windows Mobile devices.  Apparently the thief has a Windows Mobile phone or equivalent device.

I was home all morning and did not even take my credit card out of my wallet that day.  I immediately called my bank and canceled the card.  They will assist me in protesting the charge when it finally posts because, aside from it not being me, the merchant could not have requested the CVV code from the back of the card because the perpetrator should NOT have had it.  If they DID, then the perp was apparently someone who took my card from me for a purchase recently.

Anyway – the card is cancelled and replaced already. Baring teeth

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