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How To Read The OBD OBD-II (Check Engine Light) Diagnostic Codes On Late Model Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Vehicles (2004 Concorde In My Case)

I recently had to determine why the check engine light was coming on in my 2004 Chrysler Concorde.  The light came on out of the blue and, other than being near time for an oil change, I could find no … Continue reading

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Like Most Americans, My #1 Expense Is Federal Income Taxes (#4 Is State Income Tax)

Every so often I make a point of analysing my overall expenses to see where I am leaching money unnecessarily. After my most recent analysis, I find once again that my Federal Government’s taxation ranks #1, with my state’s income … Continue reading

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MORE FIXES!! iTunes Would No Longer Allow Me To Synchronize Files Despite Recognizing My Device AND ActiveSync Would No Longer Copy Files To My PC

It all started when iTunes suddenly stopped allowing me to synchronize (synch/sync) any songs to my devices (Nano Shuffle iTouch). iTunes would recognize the device fine, but as soon as I tried to add a song it would just sit … Continue reading

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